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There are some Windhoekis the capital of Namibiaon the African West Coast next to the country South African on the East. Namibiais international tourist destination for about a million people each year. Windhoekis the city that you will probably come to first as soon as you land here and it serves as a base to explore the rest of this wonderful country. It is the social, economical and cultural hub of the country with plenty of places to go to with a population of around 3 million. People come here through cheap flights to Windhoek also because there is plenty of diversity in wildlife and parks to go to. Maryland wage garnishments There is also a great presence of good landmarks. Maryland Bankruptcy Attorneys

The Christ Church is in the city`s historic center and stands as a beauty of its own style. It reflects elements from Goth and Art Nouveau. It is made up of quartz sandstone and marble. Towson Maryland bankruptcy lawyers It is called a Lutheran Church with means that it belongs to the followers of the ideology of Martin Luther king. People take flights to Windhoek for many fun filled adventures in and outside of the city. Right next to the church are the Parliament Gardens which is the favorite hangout spot among the locals as well as many tourists. The college of Art is also a nice nearby location favorite for many foreigners who can reach by flights to Windhoek which was purpose build as a court. The Old Supreme Court serves as a great landmark site as well. Cheap Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyers The Airport is on a 40 km distance from the city center. You should always make remember to you give yourself at least more than one hour of travelling time before you can get to the city center after landing through  flights to Windhoek

Another great historical place to visit is the Alte Feste Fort made in 1890; is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It was built for German Colonial Troops. Until 1915 it was used by German troops and then until 1935 by South African troops until independence was gained after which it became a school and hostel until in 1962 it became a NationalMuseum. Maryland chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers This is a great place to understand the deep struggle of the Namibian people depicted through photographs. There is rock graffiti, musical instruments, ceramics, objects and furniture that belong to the old or colonial era. Flights to Windhoek take you to a nice trip to the history and attractions of this country.

German influence still deeply reflects from the cultural heritage from the Tintenpalast Parliament Buildings. If you look to the street shops you will find German delicacies and beer. Colorful dresses in Victorian style for the women here could clearly shock you and give you a feel of some very different part of the world.  Cheap Maryland Bankruptcy Attorneys  After taking cheap flights to Windhoek, be prepared to see more color in buildings and houses and don’t be surprised because this is just one of the elements that make this country so different from all others in Africa.  Cheap Maryland bankruptcy lawyers

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